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    Have you ever wanted a lot of Riot Points without spending your own money? Well now it’s possible! Our StreamCal team has developed the best Riot Points generator out there which allows you to generate up to 7000 Riot Points each day to your account!
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    Don’t ever spend a dime again on riot points. You are probably wondering why are we doing this? Well, we think online gaming should be free any enjoyable. Nobody wants to spend their own money to buy game goods, right?! But on the other hand you need these goods in order to experience all the benefits of your chosen game. That’s where our generator comes in. It will literally solve all your League of Legends troubles! Don’t be afraid to visit out generating page and use it straight away! Most of the players out there are afraid of getting banned by using RP generator. Well in most of the cases you would have a high risk of getting banned BUT by using our online generating tool, your account can not get banned under any circumstances. You are as safe as it gets with our tool! If you haven’t decide yet whether you are going to use our tool or not, note that we are the best website out there when it comes to free riot points!

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    And for the last, here are the most frequently asked questions (you can contact us if you have any other questions):

    - Can I get banned by using your riot point generator?
    No! You can not get banned because our generator uses different IP each time someone generates riot points!

    - Why do I have to complete a human verification in order to obtain my riot points?
    The reason behind this is fairly simple. If there wasn’t any human verification process, people could create a program or bot and use it to take advantage of our website and generate millions of riot points per day for free. The main problem is that our generator’s method would probably get patched since the Riot Inc. would do anything to get the method patched. That is also the reason why we allow you to generate only 7000 riot points per day.

    - How do I use your website?
    Well if you don’t know, here is the whole process:

    1.) Type in your SUMMONER name into the field above
    2.) Select the amount of points that you would like to generate
    3.) Make sure everything is correct
    4.) Click on “Generate!” button down below
    5.) Wait for generating process to finish
    6.) Complete our human verification process by completing one of the short offers
    7.) Once you complete an offer, please allow up to 20 minutes to receive your riot points

    That is pretty much it! The whole process doesn’t take longer than 10 minutes!


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